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    Why choose a specialist personal injury claims solicitor?

    As reputable, reliable solicitors with extensive experience in personal injury claims, MMW is the best choice for a successful outcome. We work with a wide variety of clients from all walks of life to ensure they receive fair compensation if they receive an injury that wasn't their fault. Whether you've suffered a trip, a fall or you've had an accident on the road, our dedicated personal injury team understands what you're going through.

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    Accident at work claims 

    From slipping on a wet floor to injuring yourself in your workplace duties, there are many reasons why you may believe you have a claim against your employer or place of work. Our expert team at MMW Claims has extensive experience in handling accident at work claims. As part of the progressive Millar McCall Wylie law firm, we're uniquely placed to achieve the best-possible outcome for you.
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    Road traffic accident claims specialists

    Are you suffering after an accident on the road that wasn't your fault? Our expert legal team is on hand to offer the help you need for your claim, from large-scale accidents on major roads to local crashes and collisions. As part of one of Northern Ireland's most experienced law firms, our team can help you carry out your road accident claim quickly and effectively with expert advice and guidance along the way.
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    What other personal injury 
    claims do we cover?

    Our highly specialised, qualified legal team are equipped to handle a wide array of different personal injury claims. Whether you feel you've suffered harm due to medical negligence or you have experienced hearing loss or industrial disease, our expert legal team is on hand to ensure an empathetic and easy claims process. Find out more about the comprehensive list of personal injury claims we work with now.
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    • I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough. She explained everything that was going to happen the times scales involved and led me every step of the way. Very polite and professional throughout. Such a lovely lady.
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